What is Marketing Communication and how is it Used?

Marketing communication isn’t about the art of telling information a company wants to know or the science of communicating. Marketing communication, or marcom, is defined as the messages and media used to reach a market. The market is commonly called the audience. In other words, marketing communication is a company’s attempt to inform, convince and remind customers about a product. These three things are done either directly or indirectly. Also, the company informs, persuades and continuously remind customers about the products, services or brands they want to sell.

Types of Methods Used to Communicate to a Target Audience

Both non-personal and personal communication channels are used in marketing communication. In addition, there are plenty of sub-channels used too. The way a business communicates with an audience is referred to as marketing communication mix.

This type of communication uses:
• Advertising
• Packaging
• Direct marketing
• Branding
• Printed materials
• Public relations
• Sales activities
• Online activities
• Social media

Communication marketing mix can be simple or complex depending on the message and audience. One thing that should never change with the simplicity or complexity of the message method used is having a well-developed and well-researched marketing plan. This plan is use to reach customers.

Using these combination of tools helps a company reach a particular target audience, raise awareness and drive purchases of the offered product or service. Any strategy used should have the following four methods of marketing communication mix:

1. Advertising: Advertising is used to grab a customer’s attention
2. Promotion: These are short-term activities are conducted to encourage the customer to try the product. For instance, the company may hand out free samples or a couple for the product.
3. Public Relations: This process builds awareness about the product by continuously communicating with the target market.
4. Packaging the Product: This can be a great package design that adds value to the product or making it stand out. The main goal is to present the product and company in a professional manner.

The goal of Using Communication to Market

Marketing communication has to goals. The first is to create and maintain a demand for a particular product. To create a preference for a product means the company aims to use communication to introduce the product to the market. Once the product or service is introduced to the customer, the company works to keep it in the minds of the targeted customer.
Introducing the product or service requires positioning and building the product’s brand. This is done over time and at a consistent level. For example, the core elements of positioning involves pricing, product and distribution. The company wants to introduce Product X to the market. The company may set Product X at an introductory price level. This is done to grab the attention of customers and get them familiar with the market. The company will then focus on distributing Product X to other companies and directly to customers.
Shortening the Sales Cycle of a Product

The other is to sale the product. To shorten the sales cycle of a product means assisting the sales team with:
• Identifying target audience
• Engaging that audience
• Delivering products to the customers
• It has nothing to do with branding the product or introducing it to customers. The second goal is solely about getting the product sold quickly. An example in this goal is for the sales team to package the communication to:
• Recognize the problem a customer has
• Get the customer to conduct an information search
• Evaluate all the alternatives to that problem
• Make a purchase decision
• Evaluate the post-purchase decision

Marketing communication focuses on a service or product rather than focusing on corporate communication. This type of communication doesn’t focus on the company, but getting the product to a particular audience.